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Brute Force Meets Brute Force.

  • Specifically developed using the mindset of an Active Shooter
  • Winner of the 2015 Security Products Magazine Gold Govie Award for Outstanding Government Security Products
  • Recommended for any room which can be made a safe room: Classrooms, offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, assembly areas, even custodial closets
  • Engages in just one second – A kindergartner can engage even while under severe duress
  • RhinoWare™ Tactical Breach Tool allows first responders to quickly and easily gain access to a room barricaded with RhinoWare™ Door Barricade
  • Works on inward-, outward-, andfree-swinging doors
  • Works on doors with or without a door knob
  • Cannot be circumvented by cutting main power – The last line of defense
  • Once engaged, can withstand several tons of direct sustained force

The RhinoWare™ Door Barricade System is an all-in-one unit constructed of cold rolled American steel, made and constructed in the USA.

Its incredible strength and resistance is due to its unique design. Installation is quick and easy. The units have an ultra-durable powder coat finish and can be ordered in a wide variety of colors.

The Situation

According to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidelines on how to respond to an active shooter scenario, the very first things to be done are to (1)implement lockdown procedures, (2)minimize the target profile, and (3) wait forlaw enforcement to neutralize the situation.

In most cases today, the only way to barricade an office or classroom door is, per DHS guidelines, with “heavy furniture”. In cases like this, seconds count and lives are at stake. Barricading a door with heavy furniture can take a minute or more. In an active shooter scenario, this is unacceptable.

Time and Distance

In an Active Shooter scenario, protocols are put in place to allow for enough time for law enforcement to arrive onsite and to create distance between the perpetrator and innocent children, faculty, staff, and authorized visitors.

According to Department of Homeland Security research, the average duration of an Active Shooter incident is 12.5 minutes, while the average time from the onset of such an event and the arrival of first responders is 18 minutes.

Though law enforcement agencies tirelessly train to reduce response time, it is incumbent upon those responsible for developing lockdown preparedness procedures to proactively implement security measures and procedures that can quickly and effectively execute LOCKDOWN within seconds, not minutes.

“Lockdown and secure entire facilities within seconds of the onset of an Active Shooter incident.”

The Solution

RhinoWare™ Door Barricade is a substantial, yet simple mechanism which can secure and fortify an entryway door to withstand thousands of pounds of direct, sustained force. Easily engaged, a room can be effectively locked down, even if the door cannot be locked by conventional means.

A race to pile furniture against doors to create a barricade is a time consuming process and difficult for one individual to do alone. This urgent and noisy activity can only heighten the feeling of danger and fear in a lockdown situation. RhinoWare™ Door Barricade can be activated quickly and without disruption in a few seconds by a single teacher, student, or staff member. This can bring calm and control to a situation for those seeking safe haven.

Once RhinoWare™ Door Barricade is fully engaged, children and adults are safe, while the perpetrator is isolated and vulnerable to apprehension by law enforcement.

RhinoWare™ Door Barricade satisfies the three objectives mentioned in DHS ALICE guidelines: It locks down classrooms, offices, and any other rooms where innocents can seek to shelter-in-place; it quickly and effectively minimizes the target profile; it maximizes safety while waiting for law enforcement to arrive.

For peace of mind at school or the workplace

Lockdown and secure entire facilities within seconds of the onset of an Active Shooter incident.

Activating the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade is as simple as lifting a tab on the locking mechanism and letting it fall, self-guided, into place within the anchored floor plate. A few seconds and one action can turn a normal entry door into a barricaded door that can withstand tremendous direct force.

Once installed, the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade is self-contained and remains securely in place at the bottom of the entry door – ready for use at a moment’s notice. Its’ intuitive design requires no special training. Just lift and release. That’s it. No need to open the door to engage the device. No need to locate parts necessary to engage. So simple, yet extremely effective.

RhinoWare™ Door Barricade, manufactured and assembled in America, is constructed using the world’s best American steel and can provide protection for many years.

The children or students are not constantly reminded of security issues (as may be the case if multiple or highly visible door locks were installed) because the RhinoWare™ Door Barricade device is installed at floor level and doesn’t need to be engaged during normal day-to-day activities. This low-profile position combined with the highest level of protection is unbeatable for classroom and office environments.

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